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9:43 p.m. 2004-02-22

Tragedy strikes with multitasking nefarious minions named doubt and paralysis and you are frozen as if someone had damned u. I dub you Ptolomea and bid you fair warning, wishing you luck as you plummet to the center. Life is just this a collage of moments plastered to your wall and a hand full of regrets gathering dust in the corners. Life is full of dreams that we're too ignorant to bring to fruition and realization. And we dismiss our fantasys and daydreams quoting them unreachable and utterly deniable. The thing about all this that makes me want to cry for you is that you are so... worldly and don't dismiss this, dreams are the way to something better dreams are hints of things to come.

Would you be like Tristan would you die for me or would you be like Paolo and drag me down with you. Forbidden love affairs went down so badly back then didn't they? Obsessions with tragedy never end well, is that why you love me trying to wreck yourself? Self indentity found in a single word finding self definition in the darkness of tragedy.

...I severed my ties to trap this body under the streets of this city...

Find your savior in the soul of a boi you've never understood who's words were always slightly off kilter staggering drunkenly across the page. The headlights are so bright and hypnotic in this dark dark night. Moth to the flame syndrome. Would u come to me if i begged you? Or would it have to be a demand in order to draw your attention? so far past emotion you've forgotten what it looks like, isn't that the worst punishment? I wish warmth upon you.

I'm whispering your name can you hear me? can you feel me here feeling for you? can you hear me whispering? Will you come when i call will you come when i call. Is it alright if i call you?

Do you think any of this applies to you? ... I agree

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