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...Love is just another word for..
4:16 p.m. 2004-02-17

Where are you now? I miss you so much my dear (((i can still taste you there fading away so sweetly))) But i'll learn to live without you again, funny how i forgot in five days a painful lesson to learn again. Breath for me i'm feeling a bit wrecked.

And you're hurting and i hope you know i knew you lied the moment you said it, your eyes don't lie either girlie. Those who inflict isolation so morbidly upon themselves would to well not to speak of being ignored (can't you let me sleep) I'm sorry u wanted to cry and i'm sorry you felt neglected and like you had to hide and withdraw... like always. What we fear we create what we create is the thing we feared the most (the places we have come to fear the most)

i think i want to stop writing in this so i can put everything into a paper journal. It just feels more real somehow, writing it all down. besides, then you'll have something to hold onto when i'm gone, not just a bunch of ones and zeros floating around this tangled web.

Good bye for now

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