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Its the end of the world as they knew it
8:58 p.m. 2004-02-11

Dark room crowded faces stink of sweat in this thick air. its hazy here and there's nothing left to breath. The sound of shouted voices is heavy like your heart is heavy. Drown it in drink and start again. Pity runs in circles. See their petty opportunities and ingnorant tempest of persual. Name them insignificant and turn back to the glass gripped so tightly. Stumble lost through this ether this maze of smoke and drunken discontent. Name them insignificant and realize that their obsession is mirrored in your own. But delve deep into this liquid-doused soul and see yourself as you see them. Realization comes him gripping her arm, your hand on the bottle. His eyes on her breast, the smell of your breath betraying you. You are as lost as they are.

Get off your high horse.

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