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Silent lullaby
11:24 p.m. 2004-01-31

Throw your arms to the heavens in these short moments of tranquil euphoria. Cling tightly to this happiness because the way it lights up your face is beautiful. But slip, inevitably, back into your dark surrounding eternity and pour upon me once more your grim memoirs. spill over me your tragedies and tirades and annoint me in your tears never understanding the significance of it all as once again i go unnoticed. where did you go wrong to turn your dark brooding beauty into reckless abandon. You don't wear it well lost one rebellion washes the beauty from your face. And for these few bleak moments i'm completely free of you and i don't need you. But you draw me back quietly and i don't think u understand how you've put me in thrall. Its not attraction its fascination. (What in gods name is she trying to say) You don't understand what that meant to me. This never ending paradox is made more impossible by a third party. I sold the rights to this piece of land already and don't confuse me like this. Counter offers are devestating this real estate. You are a quiet assurance that i can still smile. I don't even know what you are now because sometimes you seem less than real.

I can't even explain this right now... good night

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