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Every time i try to
7:22 p.m. 2004-01-31

Its an epic unto itself, this monumental revelation that i have run through time and space and forgotten all of it. Upon returning from this seeming immortality i was staggered to realize that i had nothing to tell anyone regarding the experience. All that was left to me was the soundtrack to all of this stuck on repeat in my stereo and skipping randomly inside my head. And its times like these that cohesiveness is an illusion that no one believes. This is just a collection of pasted together photographs occupying a tired little space on your wall. Its a collage of melodies but there's nothing to hold it together. I'm dreaming awake dreaming away the time i'm wasting. It all comes together in the mirror and falls apart in the photograph and i'm just reveling in my disgrace. Watch the children on the merry-go-round and ride that carousel yourself, gripping onto the bar and wondering what would happen if gravity pulled just a little bit harder. She looks at you and for a second you're wondering what she see's and then you forget to care. Sometimes i can't remember the color of your eyes because every time i tried to look at you my mind went blank. Leave the light on for just a little longer, i want to look at you. And see what you do. What do you look like when i'm not around? Write it down in a note book with your chewed pen, hair dyed pink and eyes so very afraid. Glance up at me but don't let that gleam surface cuz i don't want to see it. Don't pretend that i'm the person who can erase the fear when you don't know me. Why woul dyou look at someone and think disgusting or amazing when its not like they have control over it. its like looking in the mirror and wondering why you see what you do. Is a mirror glass? what's different about it? Could i sit and play my guitar for hours if i knew that someone out there was sleeping. Am i waking you up?

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