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8:07 p.m. 2004-01-25

There's such a strong affinity here rampaging across golden streets. Streetlights cast golden pools of nostalgia across this uncaring city and sometimes we stop in midstride and remember. Who we were before life took over, who we wanted to be. I think i've been too caught up in my own little tragedies lately and i've forgotten the bigger picture. It may not be a bright picture but few things light up this screen anymore.

"the ones we need odn't know where there" I want to watch out for all of you and make you grin again and make you remember what its like to be alive. Wake up my beautiful children these brothers and sisters i've never met. Try on a smile and see if it suits you because these grim angry outlook isn't achieving anything. People that hate me before they meet me make me wonder why i still believe we are good for the most part. People that won't let anyone in, who hide so much from everyone, themselves included, don't share because they don't know how beautiful they are

You're all beautiful so beautiful

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