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Good bye Uncle (there's been a death in the family)
9:09 p.m. 2004-01-23

its shocking.. I talked to you two days ago and you sounded so... alive and now you're gone and i'm wondering... where are you now? What's it like where you are? Will you be watching them? Do you understand you left them behind, left your brothers and sisters, your wife, your mother. You've joined your father though. I'm wondering.. are you happy now? did it hurt. are you just glad all this is over with. Its a striking thought, you're somewhere where no one here can reach you anymore. There's nothing left of you. Goodbye forever.

And i'm not worried about you anymore you're dead and gone you left so unexpectedly it seems. And our hopes for your recovery makes your sudden fall hurt them so much more. I'm not worried for you because you believed in God didn't you, and if He's up there somewhere you'll e happy with him. And if he isn't then you're just in the dark and nothing matters now. But i'm worried about them. I'm worried about how your death will hurt this family, how it will destroy your mother who no one told how sick you were. I worry about your brothers and your sister, and how will they go on knowing you've gone on. And will i have to be there at your funeral? I don't want to go to your funeral and see you lying there so lifeless i don't want to see you faded and gone away. and i don't want to think about my mother crying downstairs and my father trying to be strong for everyone because he's so misguided that he still thinks he has to be. I'm not worried that you're gone, i'm worrying abou the effect your leaving will have on those left behind.

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