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2:45 p.m. 2004-01-13

These are the words that you lost when you thought you'd forgotten everything. I remember you.

Coheed and Cambria- A favor house atlantic is the best song in the world at this moment

Bye bye beautiful don't bother to write

She never let herself down the world just seems to shrink sometimes. And i don't know if i'm emo or just something strange in between everything. Am i really an original? Or just a flaw?

Don't u wish you were one of them one of those people who floats so effortlessly through everything. And i'm one of those people you mentioned, the ones who don't talke much who keep quiet but are burning with things to say and unspoken thoughts

*liar liar liar*

a pen just writes the shadow of words...

Fragmented disillusioned orphan child. Metaphorically metaphysically i am alone and i want the whole world ot know this. Don't save me, appreciate my pain that's all i'm asking for you fuckers. And that's all you get one last chance to know me one last chance you're just dieing to ignore.

i want to be an artist, in any sense of the world, i want to be a bohemian, only because the lifestyle seems so much my style than anything else i've found. But here's a secret, i am not and never will be a bohmeian.

Forgotten and forgetful i can't remember that you don't remember me.

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