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3:18 p.m. 2004-01-10

Did everyone think that or was it just something in your eyes that day, seeing how they were grinning as you passed. Between waking and sleeping or between sleeping waking. its up to you to decide which is the dream.

Hypocritical little bitch and you were the only one in this family i could stand but now i hate you just like them. I hope you waste your life trying to please people, and then on your death bed you'll realize you were never happy yourself. And you'll look at me, and you'll know that for all your rules and dedication, i lived the happier life and that i am so much more fullfilled than you. I want you to die feeling like you missed out on so much, because that's the worst possible thing in the world to me. And you deserve it. That isn't even because of how much i dislike you, its because its where i see you going and its your own fault and i think that people get what they deserve, reap what they sow.


I should have known that you were a killer but now i'm dead.

you went on and on and i forget wher eyou were going but you left a trail in red and green and its glowing. But i don't think i want to follow anymore. I hate the things that you've done to yourself and the person i got to watch you become. I wouldn't trade that for the world because if i hadn't seen it i wouldn't have understood. Your wasting your life.

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