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Endings and beginnings
8:43 p.m. 2004-01-09

flesh and blood fantasies and black and white realities what's left of who we thought we would be? What would you do now if you were someone else or would it even matter. Do you matter? Do i? Do we matter? I think we do, i know i don't. And you're the only thing left that matters so i guess we swing roundabout forever on this drug trip carousel. Twirling around, seven year old girls, flowers in your hair, she thought she would be famous, never knowing how cruel this could be, she thought everyone loved her, never understanding pain, she felt invincible, childishly indestructible, it seemed like no one died in her world::: things were perfect... weren't they? But life isn't perfect and i want it to be, but physical distance is still stronger than metnal desire.

"wouldn't want to wake the eyes that make me melt inside. if its healthier to leave you be may a sickness come and set me free kill me while i still believe that you were meant for me."

These words may not mean much they may not be anything to you but they're special to me they are who i am. And i want you to have them...

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