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7:47 p.m. 2004-01-06

Sing your songs of devestation and eternal damnation in a world of your own design. I'll be floating above it all completely numb because that's quite honestly where i'm heading. Can't eat, hardly ever sleeping, this is becoming my reality. And did you know i want to tattoo things on my body and walk around nearly naked so people can see the real me. I don't want to hide, but i don't want to be accepted in this place. Today a kid, meaning well i'm sure, introduced me to a bunch of his friends and iwas on the verge of just telling him to fuck off. I think i've wound up in a christian skool, honestly, everyone here is inviting me to church things. But i don't want to be a part of this place. I want them to see the tears halfway leaking out of my eyes, i want to paint my eyes black and show my pain plainly. I want you all to see how fucking miserable i am in your paradise, and i don't want you to care. I want to show this diary to everyone so they can see who i am, and then i want to ignore them. I'm back unprecidented full of congruent perplexing impossibilities and flat out idiocies

I'm back in all my unfettered degenerate filth waiting with open arms for the bullet

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