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9:37 p.m. 2003-12-23

So little hope and such big hearts... i'd save you all if i could and i can but you don't even know my name and if it's all the same to you i'm so damn tired lately. But don't cry dear heart, this is the life that i'm living and i'm here for you name the problem i'll take away your pain because if i can't i'll just redouble it and we'll start all over again.

You're falling apart in my arms and this happened a long time ago. different faces different names different torments but these motions are all so familiar. you don't know what its like to be me, i thank god for that every day. But i don't know what its like to be you show me what its like to be you.

can you feel my hands healing bruising... they mean nothing there so small for all my confidence i'm so damn small ... lets assemble this army and make it so strong lets love each other like the christians never could. Lets show the world what love is and lets heal this because together our hands are so much bigger.

We are the future.

(i miss you miss you)

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