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Fall apart
8:07 p.m. 2003-12-22

Its a never ending story with the conclusion with-held and somehow transparent. I can see the end and its you and I entwined together. I can't think of anything else except that lately, all day i've thought about our future and how we've talked this through so many times, we have a firm foundation based on the future and when the future is this clear the path leading up to that future is inevitable. but i know that if we chose too we could change it to whatever degree we chose. There are no chains here love i need you to know that. I don't think i'll call either one of you tonight because i just want to curl up and hide in this pleasant chill and my crstalline images of you. The best part about all of this, love, is that my imagination can't best the reality of you. hmm 'if you weren't real i'd have imagined you a long time ago' what's that from again? HAHA I gotta go now

Tick... guess what? i watched RoTK today and i LOVED IT... but more on that another time haha. g'night all.

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