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We are all
9:54 p.m. 2003-12-15

temptation proclamation our world is annointed in sin and the blood of those who die needlessly because we can't summon the urge to care. it all boils down to nothing and that's all this is worth.

It don't mean nothing....

Starstruck and bloodless i sit here in this skin, trying to imagine just where to begin this is starting all over ending again i can't imagine we'll ever fit in it doesn't really feel like this is really the end but this really is over no matter what you intend. Bury me here and let me go once more let me slip away from you.

This is intimacy

I love how you know me how everything is right here and i feel so transparent. At the same time there's so little of me here, this is only scratching the surface. Someday i'll find a way to record everythought as it flashes through my mind gone in a flash of smoke and a spark. You forgot

never let go

I would save you

Joy is the only thing we can't understand. There is no justification.

"they lied when they told you you couldn't breath underwater"

I'm begging you for realizations of past promises. I'm just sitting here with these words blaring, hoping for something more. Hoping that i have something more to say. Because without my words i have nothing to offer you.

Its an interesting cut, watching people talk amongst themselves, knowing they're calling you ugly and clumsy. Do they not care that you hear them? or do they just not notice. I knew it quite well years before, and its coming back. The difference... well the difference is they don't matter now. I'm confident in this in my own... well subtle superiority. The only reason i'm better than they are is because i care what they think. Does that make sense? The very fact that their words cut my heart means that i'm above them and that really those words that hurt don't mean a thing. Its because they hurt me, because i care about them, that they are harmless.

God gave me this face and you can curse him all you want it will never change.

"If i told you this was killing me would would you stop"

God help me but tonight i'm happy. And all i want right now is to share this pleasure with the world so we could all embrace this temporary contentment. If you read this i hope you'll smile for a moment, because, for no special reason, i am.

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