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I've lost everything when you're gone
8:45 p.m. 2003-12-10

(i forgot what its like to be beaten)

My god how arrogant can u be. the fact that you're smarter than them means u should spend more time trying to help them along, not laugh when they make mistakes. It means you should be smart enough to know that academics aren't a fucking competition, how can you get mad at someone for a whole fucking year just because they got better marks than you. YOU ALL SICKEN ME

I love how they look at me so strangely when i tell them i'm in almost all AP, you can almost see preconceptions crubmling inside their heads, like grand buildings falling apart. Its just hilarious because, unlike the usual smart guy, i haven't lost my sense of humor, or my ability to laugh at myself. its hard to accept that this kid who laughs so loud and so often, who swears so much and acts like he doesn't care and that maybe he hates you or maybe he just likes to make fun of people, u can't accept that i'm smarter can u? Oh well, i am get over it. I won't waste my time conforming to your delusions of intelligence.

raise yourhand if you take yourself too seriously

You're not making this easy

you were just trying so hard today weren't you, if you really knew me you wouldn't waste your time on me that way, i'm not your type at all

I can't decide if i would find it amusing to corrupt a religious person and make them lose their faith...

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