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Sinfully yours
10:18 p.m. 2003-11-27

Strength in fragility and the more you break the more rescilient you become. The slipstreamed conceptualization of every tiny aspect of your life. The blueprints are in an office somewhere. All the times you lied described alternate endings to the theatrical display going on behind your eyes. Close your eyes and take a peek at how you want the world to be. If you could choose the cast crew and draw your own backdrop would you visualize what you have or paint the pictures with half formed dreams and penciled in stereotypes. If you raised your hand and said u knew the answer you lied. Every time a person sings creation brings another life into the world and all it takes is a simple small world to prevent indeterminate suicide. Don't fade away because....the lights don't get any brighter and you have to fight to keep things in focus. The fact that all this is abstract simply represents how little we are capable of realizing and some of the greatest writers are the ones with the mismatched metaphors that grew seamlessly into cliched banalities. Exit wounds are apparent but we still found the bullet lodged in the base of your spine. It never occured to us that maybe this is where the pain started, all we look for is the end.

Swinging in the wind legs limp spirit adrift. Is this freedom?

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