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Fine again
10:46 p.m. 2003-11-25

Dream of... life in another boys eyes and nothing seems the same. the colors remain but everything else changes, tilt the world upside down and you'll realize that everything you thought you knew never meant a thing. And standing there floating inside out and upside down it doesn't matter because that's just more pieces to pick up when you finally turn around and head home. Its a constant evolution of the revolution and if you're truly out there there's no reason to worry because every day you'll be forced to look at the world a different way and it'll take a hell of a lot more than reasoning to excuse these... reanimated conflicts and reincarnations of past ideas. Rambling on and on and never quite making any sense but that's ok, this blood symbolizes everything i can't be.

You're so misguided... if these hands were beautiful i'd reach out and set you on the right path. but i'm ugly and you're too shallow/lost, to accept help from someone like me, because you don't know me. Because you've never seen me on the inside. It isn't prettier maybe, but its alive.. and that's more than most people in this world today. Tonight, this time, i'm feeling ok about the person i am and the person i could become.

You showed me the light.

And i'm never sure who you're talking to but if it was me i'd just tell you not to fall away.

"I'm gonna regret right now, the air is so cold and null let me go in her room i love all the things you do show me the way to bed show me the way you move oh it is such a blur i love all the things you do FATE FELL SHORT THIS TIME YOU'RE SMILE FADES IN THE SUMMER PLACE YOUR HAND IN MINE I'LL LEAVE WHEN I WANNA"

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