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Darkness and daydreams
9:30 p.m. 2003-11-20

"Sensation washes over me i can't describe it. things i felt so long ago i don't remember. Telephone so i can sing my devestation Holding on to everything that was thing was given to me given to me to hide behind the mask this time and try to relate.

IF I CAN REMEMBER To know this will conquer me, if i can just walk alone and try to escape into me"

Disturbed- Remember

Blind your eyes to what you see and learn to embrace this. Cut your pride and watch it bleed and learn to live without. Take everything away and find a new world. Look inside yourself and see what you lost..... see the things that were lost and left behind. //Holding on to forgotten dreams and things that are hollow now i can't believe you bled for me for so long. Keep fighting you're beautiful but don't fight for me// Hear the voices they're whispering now. Learn to live with all these words. Find yourself amidst the silence. Voices screaming in your head. This never meant a thing.

Can you imagine what it feels like to break inside your head. Can you imagine being lost and left behind. I can see you screaming now and its not just a memory. No one will save you. you're on you own now. No one will save you you're all alone now.

Repetition and constant sorrow fill these endless days. portraits of a flawed face and picture of imperfection line this long hall. This is the dark anthem breath life into these words that whisper halfway between night time and daybreak. Whisper my words and know that you're stronger than anything you see. Whisper my words and know that the strength won't make you right.

Go~ Liberate everything you ever felt and make yourself clear to you. Break~ find the pieces that you scattered paint this picture now. And never turn away from the picture never turn away from yourself never fade away.

Am i talking to you?

Take these words and these wishes and twist them into your own meaning. Take this light and point it where you will and this will become your redemption.

I can hardly breath and i wish i was bleeding

I love how i still hurt so bad// love how this will never go away.

Shout shout let it all out these are the things i can do without come on am i talking to you so come on

Its a blowout one time offer here in the nighttime fogbank. All the rage that made you scream is gone and all i have is my piano and these broken hopes. melancholy melody and then i'll disappear then i'll disappear. This pain is just to real and i can't stand to feel anything else.

Don't turn away i pray you've heard the words i've spoken dare to believe for one last time then i'll let the darkness cover me deny everything slowly walk away to breathe again On my own// Carry me away I need your strength to get me through this dare to believe for one last time then i'll let the darkness cover me deny everything slowly walk away to breathe again.....

On my Own

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