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Lost by Midnight
10:32 p.m. 2003-11-11

There is beauty...

I can see through you see your true colors....

sometimes the things we think aren't really what we believe. when you look back on your life and you find that the things you coveted then are forgotten now, you'll realize that you aren't a set person yet, that your core beliefs haven't finished in their evolution, or perhaps they haven't even surfaced yet. But regardless you have to see that its only in your own constant evolution that you can be truly free of the restrictions of mediocraty and sheepdom. It is imperitive that we become literate and concious of everything going on around us in this world today because things are so complex now that we have no chance of becoming our own person unless we learn not to swallow things just because the spoon is being shoved in our face. Its about living like you want to not how they want us to be. Run away and start your own life far away from the regulations and regulators. Or better yet live inside those rules, and break every one of them and lead yourself in your own tiny little revolution. Take over YOUR world. Breathe life into your lungs and SCREAM when they tell you to be the quietest.

And don't forget to fall in love. Real love people, not paper thin romance based on television and shallow realizations of lust. Find someone worth sharing alife with and LIVE for god's sakes because when ou think about it 75 years isn't that long in the scheme of things. You've gotta try and experience EVERYTHing in only 75 years... do you think you'll accomplish that sitting on your ass?

By the way that's the name of the band i'll be forming someday when i've found people with the gifts and the vision to help me create the music i want to make. Look for us hah

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