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9:02 p.m. 2003-11-05

Because of who i am because of how i percieve myself. A mirror only gives us the outline, its our minds that color the picture.

sigh and fall away i don't need to breath here so far under. Blow it away and give your soul to the highest bidder. its ok i think i'll keep myself to myself this time and not let you steal another part of me. You want to sell yourself i won't judge you. Its because of people like you that i pull away and its because of those things you say that i know i'll never heal.

Fuck with these buttons and knobs long enough and maybe things will turn out fine....Remember what we said

wouldn't happen

A million times i've said it and its always true. I'm sorry.... for everything that's every happened to each and every one of you. I want you to know, but i'll never tell you, that my heart is bleeding for you. If i met you and i looked into your eyes. Know that i saw the pain hiding there between make up and smiles and the face you showed the world. Know i love you dearfaces, beautiful children, beautiful... people. i love you all and i hurt as you hurt, i hurt because you hurt. I'll save you and make you whole and put the pieces back together.

I lied to when I said I was hard, because im softer than a thrift store

sweater and twice as worn in. I was cast away once but I will be found

again. this I promise you.

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