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Perliminary Pulmonary
9:40 p.m. 2003-10-15

Life burns strange/beautiful patterns up and down my soul, searing shining symbols in the dark places. Forgotten desire, neglected... life, all coming back at the turn of the shadows. the sun's directly over head and the worries and the fears waiting in the stretching shadows shrink away to nothing. The sun is in your eyes. rent open as the sun sets buckets of lightning and cages of tight woven tears drop down among the shoddy landscape of yesterday and the vague undefinition of tomorrow. Sometimes its looking deeper, sometimes its just nonsense, but as long as its beautiful it serves its purpose. Sometimes I pretend you're looking at me so intently, trying to figure me out. Times change, people change, the world changes and i revolve in the same small, meaningful circles. Orbit with me for a little while, see if its to your liking. Its times like this when a little is enough, and enough is rhapsody. You leave me .starstruck. and dizzy. Fragments regroup as time reverses polarity and speeds back to kick you in the face. Its just a phase; the same moment stuck on repeat until you finally find the meaning the reason the... relevant revelation waiting to be discovered. Read that in your future and you'll know all the answers, but future's aren't fortold, they're forged, mine is anyway. How about yours? You have a breaking point, most others in this place don't, we can bare/bear it infinitly. Blurred lines where paragraphs are supposed to form i'm not talking to a single one of you right now, there are two people on my mind and the attitudes are really quite different. You [}you{] and me dancing circles through my head, holding you, chasing her down and finding a way to make it bearable. Finding a way to make her... see how things revolve around how you percieve the world. A person antagonizing you can be either an impossible burden or just another person who doesn't sing the same song and hasn't found peace with the beat she's marching to. Too far to walk u'll never find what you're looking for out there. Its in you inside maybe buried deep maybe you're afraid to look but its there. Aggravation from outside sources ring true to the torment balancing topheavy inside. preliminary pulmonary makes no sense at all but it looks... right some how. That's life and life is.

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