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Feeling this
9:41 p.m. 2003-10-08

too many times i've tried to understand to push this beyond empathy and into something past explaination. But I'm not that good not the strong, i can't see everything you keep behind your eyes. It isn't so much that you're hiding, rather... there's something about you that just, what you're feeling is beyond my experience. Because I feel the pain and I suffer like you do. But our reactions, our natures our perspective outlooks on life are basely different and I can't step into your shoes while retaining the harsh reality of the pain you are in. You are... a hybrid, a bit of a paradox. But i think sometimes, there are things i understand. You can taste the hope can't you? But there's still a lure in these night time tears. I can understand all of that, because i've seen all of this before. What i haven't seen is someone who makes me worry, who makes me think that maybe someday they just won't be around any more and i'll never know what happened. I'm scared for you, and I'm at a loss as to how to make it all stop. I know you're strong... but sometimes no one is strong enough.. all i can say is... don't leave wihtout knowing there's nothing you'll miss, nothing you'll regret nothing you'll fail to obtain. And a selfish plea on my part; don't let this happen to me again... last time turned out ok, she turned out ok... will u?

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