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I can't believe we lost
10:44 p.m. 2003-10-07

This is what life is. Sometimes, you get it in your head to give everything you have, to put every ounce of effort into something. And you do the best you can, pushing yourself harder than you should, to try to achieve something. But more often then not, when you decide to do something, everyone else is indecisive and they end up pulling you down with them.

There's nothing more frustrating than knowing you've done more than you had to do, looking back to see how easy it'll be for the other guy, and seeing everyone else standing around doing nothing, putting no effort into it.

We lost today 21-6 and I've never played better. Too bad i'm the only one.

And now i can't move my thumb, and my legs are numb and i wish i could have seen you....

Pray for john tonight...

I juST HatE ToDAy And EVErYthinG AbouT iT.

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