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Perfection in a Car Crash
9:22 p.m. 2003-10-06

Last night was perfect... and i'm not even talking about the time I spent with you. I spent the night time hours in a haze, couldn't sleep but lost in these thoughts of you. And even though my mind can't conjour up a picture of you, I could still hear your voice in the darkness, whispering through the midnight silence. Even though I can't always remember what the touch of your skin feels like, I can remember the smell of your hair as it dances around the air. You were almost there with me last night, and feeling tired today was well worth these paper thin thoughts of you.

Its just that... i want you to have everything you want, and i can't understand why you don't always take what you want. Because that's what people do. And because you are 'shy', it makes me wonder sometimes, if maybe i just think u want things you don't. If you wanted, I would never touch you again, i would spend forever just talking to you. If u wanted, i would never talk to you again and just hold you until the world fell down. i want to be what you want, and I never, ever want to do anything you don't want. The trouble is, you're never very clear about what you want. So i'll sit next to you and hold your hand and wonder why i'm lucky enough to see you so close to me and why i'm the one you chose to see the colors in your eyes.

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