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reborn with SIDS
9:29 p.m. 2003-10-01

so here you are, tumbling inexorably down this harsh slope, it feels like you're falling now, but you know that really, everything is controlled and you're just on a bike sometime after sunset. The wind ravages around you as you plummet downwards, the shadows whir past, none of it matters. You know its cold out, you know you should be chilled to the bone; but... it doesn't matter. The cut of this wind is only skin-deep and its only a minor detached sensation. Inside, you're numb, you're bones are heavy and you just... can't feel a thing. You know something's wrong... but it doesn't matter, nothing does. You feel.. empty. And there's no reason to be alive, no reason not to throw yourself off and see how the blood pools around you as you lie broken on the pavement. Yet, at the same time, it isn't worth the effort it would take to end your life. You just don't care and nothing feels right and nothing matters.

And you. Fuck you. If you kill this, we both know what I'll become. Do it man, I dare you.

Its just another layer on the mask I wear. This isn't getting any better

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