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who are you to give advice??
9:42 p.m. 2003-09-29

I've seen it so many times lately. She gets mad and she wonders if he cares. And so she tests it, and tests it and pushes it too far and pushes him slowly away. And she wants to see how much he cares, so she ends it, seeing if he'll come back to her. If he really "loves her". But he has enough pride and self respect not to come back after she's put him through that and pushed him so hard. And i'll never tell any of them that they were stupid. But right here right now, I'd just like to say 'good job boys'. And also, if you want to keep him girls, trust him and keep him close. And if he wants to leave you can't stop him, but if he's staying with you that usually means he wants to be with you. Don't be stupid

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