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Its All Good
9:26 p.m. 2003-09-18

He says it again and again, when things should be the worst. His secret song, a steady cadence repeating into tomorrow. He says it so much that it doesn't mean a thing anymore, just an expression, just something that rolls off his tongue when its his obligation to say something. But sometimes, he looks at it, and it means something again, like it did the first time he said it.

"Its all Good"

And he knows that it isn't all good, everything is falling down around his ears. But that isn't what it means to him anymore. Before, it was an affirmation of his positive outlook, a view that was ever only skin deep. Now, its a plea, a tearful whisper into the darkness. Please, someday, let it be true, because right now it isn't.

He says it again and again, his secret song drifting on into tomorrow.

"Its all Good"

I wish it was

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