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Just got Wicked
7:23 p.m. 2003-09-16

Sometimes, when i try to link to a page, my browser decides to just throw up a random picture, usually completely disconnected from what i'm doing. its kinda nice, getting this strange images, completely unrelated. That's like life somehow isn't it? I'm trying to draw a metaphor, but i'm tired.

"my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so won't you kill me so i'll die happy" Hands down_-_ Dashboard confessional

"I can taste your innocence, young and sweet like mother made you, everythings flows into this i see, mother fucker just got WICKED" Just got wicked _-_ COLD


And you see only what you want to see, no matter the situation no matter your englightenment u'll never open your eyes..

SOmetimes you look too hard

"i'm far away from you, i'll never bring back yesterday/ you're such a fake its true, i can't believe a word you say" Suffocate_-_ COLD

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