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I think i needed that
1:07 a.m. 2003-09-14

You came here tonight, so long since i'd heard your words, just thought, just expressed, mine to know alone. And despite the valley that had grown between us, there was no hesitation as you told me how you felt, in eloquence i'd recognize anywhere. It felt so, real, so powerful, to talk to you again. I didn't realize how much i missed you, how much you were still a part of my life. And the way you spoke so confidently of how we'd see each other again, as if you had it all planned out, as if you'd actually spared a thought for me once or twice in the past months. I'd like to think that I helped you tonight, like i did before, when you were still here, before you awoke the fear. Maybe i did maybe i didn't. I'll never hold you to your promise, but i hope you keep it, i hope you do find me, because it would be good to hear your voice and watch your eyes. And even if i never see you again, it was nice to see your thoughts, written plain tonight. Talking to you, things always seem unhurried, fresh, new. Your words have a strange spirit to them. A strange rejuvination. The way you asked tonight, questions jabbing everywhere except where you were aiming, afraid to just ask. Something about that made me warm, something in the unspoken words. And i'd like to think you wouldn't shudder from the truth, but maybe you would. It doesn't matter, it was never our way to force an issue. Even if i don't talk to you again until that day, years from now, when you find me, I'll be happy. This was nothing like the last time, when you never said goodbye. Thank you... Goodnight

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