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You would
8:36 p.m. 2003-09-11

I wasn't sure at first if i wanted to share this with.. well there's not much danger of many people reading this but still i was hesitant. lol don't really know why.

Walk down the halls in a crowded school or office building. Take a look at the faces all around, how many of them are there, just walking, eyes moving, thoughts elsewhere. Look at them and just open up, you can almost feel the sheer staggering power of the thoughts, some nothing more than lists or vague ides, some intense desires or worries, floating through that hallway. You can almost feel it, but not quite, its just out of your grasp. And that's what seperates humanity, that's why we'll always be alone, always be hurting, because we're essentially set inside our own minds and we're terribly obsessed with maintaining our solitude. You'll never know what most people are thinking. If you ask them, they'll lie to you and silently wonder, why are you asking that. And that's the one thing i hope to break before i fade, that solitude, i want to become close to someone and i want to become a part of them. Because that's what love is dear.

Reading this i'm particularly sure that i didn't do this justice. that's why i didn't want to try.

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