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My god they're twins!
6:03 p.m. 2003-09-07

And it burns so in this forgotten and unfamiliar spot hidden deep in my chest. This soul i was given at birth, laying dormant for so long, is remembering what it is to be alive and this warmth spreading through me isn't entirely welcome. There's still a part of me cowering in the cold reveling in the light of a single candle. Some small part of me isn't ready for this light to shine. But i think you can see it, the light inside, you talk like you can. Just know, that whatever you see in me, any warmth any small flame of hope and inspiration and beauty, just know that you gave it too me. In some sense, you've made me, you've created me anew, given me the strength to wake up and let myself be born again. I don't know if you can understand what you've done for me but I'd gladly spend forever trying to repay you. [[(just tell me what you want)]] Whispered words echoing in a dark room I love you

A part of me is still scared. And i don't know if i want you to help me through this fear or if i want to find my own strength to express this as I want to. ~The first time is always the hardest and the longer i wait, the harder it'll be~

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