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Five steps backwards
7:00 p.m. 2003-09-04

Your intelligence, gift that it is without reason granted, ruins you for the world. An entire classroom with the brightest this place has to offer and the fact that you know more than them doesn't make you humble. Your abilities have inflated your egos and you're no better than any of them. I hate you for the way you talk and for the way you think. Speaking of the ruling generation as if you could do better, your understanding of things doens't change your nature, because you don't make an effort to change, you believe yourself to be above it all. You won't to any better than them.

I'm better than all of you. I know this because i know that i am no better than any person i can spot in the halls. the fact that that doesn't really make sense reflects my own confusion and the fact that your principles and your beliefs and the very world you live in is nothing more than what you make it

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