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Wait you mean there was a point to that?
6:53 p.m. 2003-08-21

Pictures of my past seem fragmented and lonely against the messy collage tacked onto the backside of my eyes. I see these scars on my body and i don't remember where they came from. I see pictures of my friends and i can't remember their voices. All the things i promised myself i'd remember seem to have slipped my mind; the devious little buggers. This is my masterpiece, don't worry the gray areas aren't intentional, despite the fact that they take up most of the room.

Time dulls the pain of remembering the people you've lost. When you left i thought i'd never forget you. Now i have to read your letters to know you're still out there.

I've moved so much and so many people have floated through my life. Or did i drift through theirs? I'm glad to have known so many wonderful people. And i look forward to seeing some of you on the other side. remember what you told me? You said that the people that knew would all see each other again. That's good enough for me, ya know?

And i remember how when i thought u'd already moved away you showed up at my door one day. Thanks for that.

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