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something smells pink
3:32 p.m. 2003-08-05

hello jakob

hi kelly

how r u?

ok. u?

im good. what r u thinking about?


hmm. how boring

not realy

you win 10 points


good job. bye jakob.

ur leaving?

no we are stopping


because u think its gay

no i dont. what ru thinking about

ur guitar ;)

y my guitar??

cause your really cute when u play it


so...i like it when ur really cute


lol yourself

ok.... lol jAKE


ur crazzy... and beautiful.

wrong both times

i am writing daMMIT

hmm. i love you. ;)

again with the crazy talk. what do u wanna do

i want to stay like this forever

my leg would get tired eventually

then i will stand or not

good idea

goodbye jakob


because this is getting silly

we have nothing better to do

true... hmm...

hmm to you too

isnt my dress cool?

yea but its too hard to take off apparently

yes. but i still like it

good job. me too

:) i am a cheater :(

only with laura... and emily... and jen and erika and some 7th grader

no no no no no. no. laura is just hot. emily is just hot. jen and erika NO. 7th grader was before you.

i think ur lying... ;auta will get u drunk

hehe. drunk kelly is fun. is drunk jake fun?

never been flat out drunk

hmm, we can do that tomorrow ;)

how so

im gonna take advantage of you

sounds fun

yes. lots of fun.

indeed fine fine fine i'm talking... ur cat is evil

no she is nice and cute and she loves me and u

she aparently hates me

she is just scared of u hun ;)

NO HUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats wrong with hun?

whst's right with hun

its cute ;) hehe. i am going to call u hun forever

uber primer

yes, thats me

egads a cow is after uhhh the dog

something smells pink

goodbye jakob. for real this time

oki bye bye

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