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The color of oblivion?
11:04 p.m. 2003-07-30

How often do i write anything in clear terms? Well then its ur lucky day.

This is me. I've withdrawn for so long that i'd forgotten exactly what i was hiding for. I'm beginning to remember. Things come back and none of them make me smile. I'm even remembering old dreams and i wish i could slip back into the dark. I feel like there's blood dripping somewhere, and i can only hope that its mine. I've come out to have a little look at the sun and already people are hurting. Emotional pain isn't something to be described with words, its unlike sliding a blade through your skin, or dancing a flame across your flesh. This hurts, and i need to nurture this pain, because its what i do, it's what i've done and its all i know how to do. I never asked to be thrown a rope. And right now, i don't want to see u tomorrow, and right now i don't want to talk to anyone. Right now i wish i hadn't been stupid enough to think that i was allowed to wish. I'll see you all in a week.

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