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Latin sure is a pretty looking language
11:28 p.m. 2003-07-27

Rip me apart tear away all that i hold dear and maybe i can really feel. I'm not saying i don't care, i'm not saying i don't love. But i mean is that this all feels dettached and blurry. Like i can't see you clearly, just an outline smeared with drizzled colors. Break down everything i have ever believed and maybe you'll find the barriers that bind me along the way. Seperation of mind and body, of thought and action of dreams and reality. Are you real or are you just a dream? It hurts to think that I'm not giving you everything but as i stand intact i don't know how more to love you. Maybe something's wrong with me, maybe i'm lying to myself, maybe i'm just afraid. What scares me the most is maybe nothing can fix me. I have no inhibitions no rules can contain me except the rules i burned into my mind. Look hard enough if you dare and maybe you'll see the words etched into my skin, defining my reality, defining my prison. The only one hurting me is me, everything and everyone else is just a tool because I really am brilliant when it comes to self infliction of pain. Give it away and it will come back to you, that's the way it should work. But when you're dealing with man the end result is you are nothing that you used to be and nothing that you wanted to be. Being hollow doesn't kill you and it doesn't mean you couldn't heal, it just means you have no real understanding of your own need to be a part of something. You become strong, perhaps, at the cost of the fire inside. Your eyes once danced and burned and made me feel alive. Now they're cold and empty and they'll never smile again. Cure my tragedy this day as I watch it all end in your eyes the world collapses and time falls apart. Just like me. Understanding means nothing until you can get to the root of the matter. Understand every last one of these words individually and they still won't paint you my picture. Tattoo your heart onto you sleeve and they won't realize. Hide it away beneath a smile and a laugh and they'll never know. Cure my tragedy as you let me go.

Cure my tragedy and you'll see, like i do, the light whisper out of her eyes.

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