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3:48 p.m. 2003-07-17

"Part of me won't go away every day reminded how much i hate it/ weighted against the consequences can't let the doubt in so it's senseless/ wanna cut it out of my soul and just live with a gaping hole take control of my life and wash out all the burnt taste i made the problems in the first place/ hang my head low cuz its part of me you'll hardly see right next to the heart of me hurting me the wounds soon scar new cuts cover where the old ones are/ now i'm sick of this i can't stand the sandpaper thoughts that grain on my sanity i'd rather not even be then the man that's starin at the mirror through me"

Linkin park- Part of me

I can't stand feeling two things at once and not being able to understand either one through the confusion I hate how part of me doubts every thing you say and do and how part of me knows that i repulse you. I wonder what its like to have a firm grasp on a single belief

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