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8:41 p.m. 2003-07-07

Paint the world your own colors

Scream into the twisted web

And feel the vibrations as they roar back at you

Simplicity reveals what complexity hides

And simple humanity can never be denied

By You

You say your becoming

But you already are

It doesnít matter if the lightís before or behind

When you try to blot it out you show up all the more

And the things that youíre feeling can never be denied

By You

Sculpt the mask carefully

Choose your colors with caution and design

Fashion your wall in the most comely manner

And cover the whole thing in mirrors

So your own face will never be recognized


By You

Donít let the tears fall

Theyíd wash away your work

Watching that pale glowing red flow

And wondering how you could have made that

Peel back the walls

And see the beauty within

Thatís You

Pain may be scarring

But tragedyís allure

Can never be denied by one such as you

I see it too

Patterns of red and silver

Against the endless black backdrop

Liquid addiction

It hurts but you know how itís made

By You

Love is eternal

But it wonít come to you

Because you stopped looking so long ago

And alone in your own space

You canít find the fear

That you once felt when u were whole

But love has found you

Please lost one just accept

Canít you see how

Every one of us

Loves you

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