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3:24 p.m. 2003-07-04

god damn this

Damn everything

Fuck this place and fuck these rules


SOmetimes i think i'm too good for the rules

Or not good enough

does it matter?

I am who i am does it matter how i feel about that?

It's ok to hate me right?

It's ok to be afraid to even talk to u because maybe you'll hate me right?

is it ok to be afraid to say i love you? Because if someone like me told me they loved me... i'd kill them and then i'd mercy kill everyone who heard it... then i'd kill myself.

You don't mind that i hate it every time you say you love me do you?

It's ok that i'm afraid to ever see you again isn't it?

I wonder if its wrong to feel this way.

do you think it's ok to teach children about god so they can learn for themselves that they belong to the devil?

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