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4:59 p.m. 2003-06-23

I canít see through all of what you say. Your words just stop making sense after too long. Take a walk and then see if you canít cool down. See if you canít tell it the way it is

Iím sick of all these words you waste, tired of the times you lose yourself in the details. None of this means anything and you just make me tired. Your eyes may be bright but your heart is dead and all the words in the world wonít change how you feel inside.

Open up and just give in. The worldís turning you have to keep going. Your eyes may lie but your words never will. These words canít heal these words wonít make you real. Words are only one thing and thatís whatís keepin us from each other. We donít need words, we just need music.

You say that your life is what you want. Then why do you cry alone at night in your room? The pain inside wonít be washed away by words

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