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The only poem i'll ever post
9:10 p.m. 2003-06-17

Sitting anywhere I canít stand

A picture of you

Tattooed upon my eyelids

So when I dream I dream of you

And when Iím walking

In the heartless heartfelt chill

Of a thousand walking bodies

I blink and I feel warm again

Itís been a while since Iíve seen your face

Since that night a year ago

You looked at me and I couldnít breathe

Youíre eyes glistened like moons

With teary angels dancing upon the crook

It was the best night of my life

I wish that I had told you then

The crying crude whisper of a thousand saddened souls

Sighs simply in my voice as I mull over you now

Looking at your picture and floating in my mind

Wishing hoping resenting

Daring to hope that Iíll see you again

Fluid promises and sap-sticky songs

Canít uncover the muddled emotions youíve discovered

The sky falls and the oceans burn and there you are

The very last thing on my mind

Because thatís what you are

Youíre my end

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